Thursday, March 31, 2016

Death Valley. Rhyolite

Death Valley

70 mph wind gusts. Death Valley.

God of the Garden

The God of the garden 
Welcomes me 

Death Valley. 
May be beautiful 
And far 
But it is not 
Green with flowers 
Too many spring 

It is quieter -
Until the wind blows 
Then it feels like time 
To dig a hole 
In the dusty ground 
To get away from 
Blowing sand that stings 
As it hits my leg -
Can't stand up straight -
Walking like a drunken person -
And the sun -
Which dries all things 
Is very fierce

Beautiful mountains. -

Here -
I have the sea -
All places seem to have 
Some version
Of crows -
As one flys by 

A hummingbird 
Comes near -
Sits on a branch 
Above my head 
And looks at me 
Why -

Why don't you have 
a hummingbird feeder 
For me 

Thank you 
God of the Garden 
For being here 
To welcome me