Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just One of Those Days

Just one of those days 
So tired 
And alone -
Relishing being alone . . .
Too tired to deal 
With people and their problems 
And their talking 
And their walking 
And their brains busy spinning 
Love them 
Every once in awhile 
It's one of those days 
And the ice cream truck going by 
Is too much! 

Need this space 
Need this time 

To rest and dream 
To get back In touch 
With the presence of -

I guess this means 
I am not a type A personality-
Maybe a type 
R- as in rest 
Or a type M
As in meditate 
- a type H 
As in hermit 

Please don't be the type that 
Walks to the store and buys chocolate. 
Oh dear - ! -

Where's my wallet?