Sunday, March 6, 2016

From Time Magazine 3/14/16. Mr. Donald Trump (center)

The Trump Tower

Will he save us ?
(We need saving) 
There are those who wish to 
     Harm us 
To take our stuff 
     And kill us 
And They are coming here 

They are already 
Causing trouble 
And attacking 

We, as people, 
Have fought so 
     Long and hard 
For our evolution 
Into a people 
Who believe 
     That butterflies 
     Are free 
And have a right 
To be 

We have tried hard to evolve 
Into a people with 
And compassion 
And enough to eat
For everyone 

There are some who do not 
In you and me 
Some who do not want 
To allow everyone 
To be 
To exist 
To be free 

To call God 
By name 
And Goddess too

There is a Goddess 
Of mercy 
We need her 

Everyone does
Need mercy
And space 
And time 
     And place 

Will this deal maker 
Be able to deal 
For us 
For all of us 

Will he be able to 
     Separate the wheat 
From the chaff -
Water the wheat 
(No gmo)

And do we know 
That it takes work 
And heart
And courage 
To approach that 
Which we call 

And it takes preserving 
And believing 
As a group 
As in 
     All of us 
-where we are-
To insist
In dignity -
To cooperate

It can be lost
So easily 
It is up to 
Each and 
Of us